Ladies Sprint Triathlon puts female athletes on even basis

Ladies, step right up. It is your time to shine. Time to take center stage. And no men need apply.

The YWCA is gearing up for the ninth annual running of the Ladies’ Sprint Triathlon on June 29.

If you have never tried this one, women, you really are missing out. This event is an incredible celebration of conviction and the fortitude of our local female athletes. It is also a testament to the giving spirit of these athletes who push against each other to greater achievements and at precisely the same time support each other with a genuine issue.

Men, we really can’t connect.

Just ask Tara Neff, the race director of the event and the fitness director at the YWCA. Neff said that at the recent Race Against Racism of the YWCA, nearly 75 percent of the serious runners at the starting line were girls. When it came to crossing the finish line, yet, just one in four were girls.

“It mightn’t be honest, but it’s a fact,” said Neff. “With equal training, guys run faster than girls. And swim. And cycle faster.

“It can be really frustrating to a female runner to keep getting passed by guys,” Neff added. “The Y Tri is a girls-only event that takes that frustration entirely out of the equation.”

Men can play a part only, although at the Y Tri as volunteers. Men giving the women a cup of water and will be encouraging them on, but we shall not compete against them.

As for the big day, it is full of alternatives. The main event is the Sprint Triathlon, which is constituted of a 500-yard swim, a 15-mile bike leg and a 5K run.

The Super Sprint has the same length swim and run, but comprises a 24-mile bike loop.

A duathlon choice is also, which sandwiches a pair of 5K runs around a 15-mile bike leg. Finally, is going to be a 5K race that is stand alone for the very first time.

The event will happen at the Grumbacher Sports and Fitness Center of York College.

For more info, contact Neff at or 845 2631 (ext. 131).

Around the roads

SHOE HOUSE 5-MILER SERIES >> This three-event series put on by U.S. Road Running kicked off Saturday in York, and race organizer Toni Arbogast was excited to report a sound turnout.

“The three had 150 runners of all ages, sizes and shapes. Jason from Seltzer’s Smokehouse grilled up garlic and sweet Lebanon bologna and served it. The runners adored the day, the run and the sandwiches.”

Brady Wilt, 17, was the overall winner, finishing in 30:37. Lauren Finn, 39, was the women’s winner in 34:19.

Wilt was followed by Anthony Wallick, 23. John Walton, 32, was third in 31:18.

Michelle Gruger, 37, was the runner up for the ladies while Sarah Wolfe, 35, was third.

Each race starts and ends at YTI Career Institute, 1405 Williams Road in York, and race time is consistently 7 a.m. The path will be the same for every race.

U.S. Road Running will host another special occasion June 28. The Summer Luau 5K/10K will take place . The entry fee is on race day, or in advance. See or contact Toni Arbogast at 266-2227 for more information.

The race attracted a solid turnout.

Adam Murak was the overall winner, clocking a time of 19:09, while Aimee Taylor was the women’s champ in 22:21.

Colin Russell was the runner up for the men (19:30), edging Peter Wagner (19:34).

Gredda Schreffler set second for the girls in 23:10, ahead of Sherry Riley (23:15).

This race is a 4.5-mile team run, and teams will be picked at random before the race.

Runners will meet at the parking lot near the intersection of Impounding and Toll Gate Dam roads. Series details are available at, or you may contact Jim Roller at 632-1433 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. E-Mail to for more information.

Runners will begin at 4 p.m. Friday, and the 24-hour event closes at 4 p.m. Saturday. The event plans to raise money for the Southern York County Region and raise community awareness of services and the programs provided by the American Cancer Society.

Teams are made of eight to 15 individuals with a minumum of one team member running or walking the track at all times, and this year a record 21 teams are signed up. Contact Richelle Horn at 846 2561 or for more details or to offer.

The only requirements to compete are that an athlete is 50 years old or older and a resident of York County.

The first occasion, a 5K on the track, starts at 8 a.m.

The price is $15 for the entire meet. Programs can be picked up at Flying Feet Sport Shoes or by telephoning the York County Agency on Aging at 771-9001. Athletes can also register the morning of the meet. Call Pete Klotz at 845 2856 for additional information.

Contact Mulcahy at 676-2245 or for more details.

DOUBLE CREEK TOUR >> This event took place Saturday, and it was the kickoff race of the 2014 WellSpan Sports Medicine Running Series, a seven-event series that will conclude in October. Runners could pick from a half marathon, a 5K or a 1 -mile fun run, and results will be posted once they’re available. For now, if you’d like more info about the WellSpan Sports Medicine Running Series, visit

Upcoming occasions

YAMBA OCCASIONS >> The York Region Mountain Biking Association has partnered with Gung Ho Bikes in York to offer beginner rides at 6 p.m. each Wednesday. Anyone is welcome to attend, no one is left behind and all rides have a leader. Follow YAMBA’s activities on Facebook or check out for more information. If interested in becoming a member, the fee is for a family and for somebody. Contact Dan Walko at 434-3409 or for more information.

Jornet makes rate ascent of Denali

In accordance with Maureen McLaughlin, Public Information Officer for the Talkeetna Ranger Station, the round trip ascent was made by Jornet in a remarkable 11 hours and 40 minutes.

Jornet planned to spend on the mountain, acclimatizing for the record effort and familiarizing himself with the path. Other details aren’t yet known although he carried skis on the climb.

From Kahiltna Base Camp in 22 minutes and 14 hours, Kellogg reached the peak following the standard West Buttress Route .

That is a total distance of around 53km, with a height gain of ca 4,000m.

Warren skied roped with a friend up the initial crevassed glacier in terms of Ski Hill, then continued alone, his friend waiting for his return.

While Tejas and Kellogg had partly worn running shoes, Warren used ski boots throughout, and apparently had only nine days of acclimatization.

Jornet’s round trip time on the West Buttress from Kahiltna was more rapid than Warren’s ascent, and the Spanish climber now intends to continue with attempts at speed ascents of Elbrus (already tried last year), Aconcagua, and of course Everest.

In August 2013 Jornet set a brand new speed record on the Matterhorm by scaling to Breuil down again and up the Italian Ridge to the summit from Breuil in only two hours and 52 minutes. This was more than 20 minutes faster in relation to the previous record set in 1995 by the Italian Bruno Brunod.

For much of the time he wore shorts, only running shoes and a Tshirt.

But Jornet’s promotion of “light and quick” in the mountains is greatly criticised by some members of the Chamonix Valley scaling community. They point out the deficiency of any safety margin, and a reliance on the instant assistance of the PGHM saving team that is exceptionally gifted.

While they were trying to find the way out the weather closed in, and Forsberg got so cold the pair had to call for a rescue. Unable to use the helicopter due to poor visibility, the PGHM team rappelled from the top of the route and evacuated them.

Lady Gaga Models Versace #StudsLadies Eyewear Collection

Inspired by the DNA of brand, Versace launches new eyewear collection. Describing it as loud, bold and full of eccentric style, the #StudsLadies range was created for all women who believe that studs are a way of life and not merely a mere accessory.
The collection comprises of acetate sunglasses with oversized cat-eye styled frame. Representing a free and provocative lifestyle, each of the model featured here is embellished with a combination of 71 pale-gold colored studs, 63 of which are on the front and eight on the temples. Their different shapes and dimensions mirror those of the Maison: pyramids, triangles, spheres, and spirals.

Promoting the range, the brand is enticing girls with an opportunity to win a trip for two to take part in the exclusive Versace fashion show in Milan. Its as simple as shooting a selfie by donning Versace Eyewear from your Sunglass Hut store in the U.S.An and posting it on the Facebook page using the “Public” mode to star on the Versace #STUDSLADIES wall. This oppurutnity is running until May 19th from April 21st.

PR Newswire Association LLC

Pearle Vision, among North America’s biggest and most trusted licensed optical brands, is proud to announce it has signed an agreement with two local entrepreneurs to assume possession of the location in Columbia, Tenn.Tony and Donna Schlemmer now own and run the Pearle Vision neighborhood eye care facility at 1301 Trotwood Avenue in Columbia. The facility was formally a corporate-owned place , and it has served thousands of customers.
Pearle Vision Logo.
“My wife and I are excited to be owners of our first facility in Columbia,” said Tony Schlemmer. “We anticipate implementing our vast experience in the optometry industry to serve Columbia residents as a sure source for all of their eye care needs. We also anticipate growing our company in the years to come.”

Both are experienced licensed opticians serving patients in this function for nearly 30 years and Tony for over 18 years. Thus, when the Schlemmers made the decision to open their own business, they knew it was a natural fit for them. The Schlemmers also are long time, active members.
Pearle Vision has a substantial legacy in the market and has continued to outpace competitors by evolving to fulfill patients’ changing needs and providing services and quality products they desire. With 600 centers located throughout North America, the company offers best-in-class eye care supplied by neighborhood doctors who are proficient optometrists, a principle created by Dr. Stanley Pearle in 1961. Pearle Vision rated #112 in Entrepreneur’s 2014 Franchise 500, making a 48-point increase from the 2013 rank.

Pearle Vision is now seeking to grow its national footprint and has development opportunities, including existing centres with established customer bases, in markets from coast-to-coast. The firm is searching for optometrists considering licensing opportunities, to fuel additional growth. Ideal candidates for Pearle Vision ownership should possess a desire to join a trusted industry-leading brand and work within a proven system to provide patient service that is outstanding and special eye care. Pearle Vision licensees can expect their first investment to build a brand new facility to cost about $200,000, in addition to a

Optometrists interested in exploring re-licensing or new development opportunities should call 1.800.PEARLE.1 or visit

About Pearle Vision
Pearle Vision was founded in 1961 by Dr. Stanley Pearle, who started the notion of one-stop, total eye care with the launch of the Pearle Vision Center in Savannah, Ga. Pearle combined complete eye exams with an extensive assortment of eyewear. In 1981, Pearle Vision began offering licenses to select physicians and opticians. With more than 610 eye care facilities found throughout America, Pearle Vision is built around a doctor-centered business model with a primary focus to give real eye care and become a sure source for all their eye health needs. Pearle Vision is owned by Luxottica, a leader in premium style, sports and luxury eyewear.


Wet Electric: A Field Guide to the Occasion of This Weekend

It is time to shed just a little knowledge According to the eggheads of science that is acoustic, sound waves have a tendency to travel considerably more efficiently through water than through air. And the practical upshot of this particular factoid?

And believe us, there will be lots of music to soak up during both variants of the two-day festival.

See also: Four Performances to Find at Wet Electric This Weekend

And that is only on Saturday.

Only to make sure you‘re completely prepared for both celebrations, here’s a rundown on all the essential details, along with a couple of tips.

Cost: $75 for general admission to Saturday (with $25 extra for an “express pass” enabling you to jump the lines). In addition, it included entrance to Talking Stick.

Age Limits: Unfortunately, both parties are solely 21-and- over events.

Getting There: Hit up the 101 for both parties. Way Out at McKellips for Big Surf and at Indian Bend Road for Talking Stick.

Weather: Keep your eyes on the heavens on Saturday, as the current outlook includes a slight possibility of rain and partly overcast skies, as well as temps in the mid-70s. On Sunday, nevertheless, it’ll be mostly sunny.

Bring: A party-hearty disposition and a love for EDM. And since it’s basically a pool party writ large, all the standard accessories are allowed (sunblock, towels, sunglass, hats, earplugs, etc.). Oh, and your ID is advisable too.

Do not Bring: Because it is a pool party and not a concert festival, you can forget about bringing along cans, coolers, outside food or beverages, chairs, tents, pets, or hackey sacks and whatnot. Ditto for anything dangerous like weapons, fireworks, chains, spray paint, explosives (!!), or firearms (!!!). And do not worry about either beach balls or lasers, since organizers will provide an abundance of both.

Will an Internet-Only Mattress Startup Keep Sealy and Serta Up at Night?

The startup had found its small assault on the old fashioned mattress business.

With the tagline “the mattress pictured,” Casper is wagering that bedding will function in a Web-only, direct-to-consumer business model. It has assured an excellent mattress and a shopping experience free from cunning sales approaches.
Story: Sleeping at work? Good! Overachievers Do

Delivery in the U.S. takes five days or less. When a customer cuts the package open, the mattress grows to full size in 60 seconds.

The product, a 10-inch wedge of foam with nary a spring inside it, appears comfy enough, but challenges to the endeavor are not scarce. Chief among them, according to Casper’s co founders, will be getting customers to purchase a mattress without trying it. Also, the firm makes only one productalbeit. There’s no extra-business, super-soft or pillow-top–no variant with water or alpaca wool or “KoolGel.”

There’s also the limiting factor that the ideal customers–those frustrated by the shopping experience of mattress chains of Casper –have probably already purchased something to sleep on.
Video: Stuart Rose to
Guide Duvet & Pillow’s Rebranding

The mattresses of Casper aren’t expensive. The twin, its smallest size, costs $500, while the king goes for $950. “If somebody is going to head to Ikea to examine mattresses, they are likely not considering this,” said Jeff Chapin, co-founder and product leader.

What the firm has opting for it’s some technology mojo. Its web site, for instance, is slick and straightforward. Its brand is catchy, calculated, and search-engine optimized via a sharp, white website.

Pick your merchandise, and you will get the same supply chain and arrangement that is aesthetic: custom tops, eyeglasses, coffee. The Casper team knows a bit about the mattress company. Chief Executive Officer Philip Krim sold thousands of beds at an online startup hatched in his University of Texas dorm room.
Storyline: Paleo Dieters Who Want to Sleep in Caves Lift a Window-Insert Manufacturer

Casper offers a 40-day money-back guarantee to assure shoppers that are unwilling, although it declares it won’t be able to accumulate and resell the products. Though Casper continues to be working out details on that mattresses of disgruntled customers will go to charity. The firm is expecting to strike partnership deals with Airbnb sites and resorts to acquire some exposure.

As for its one-mattress-fits all approach, Casper said the difference has split and made a mattress that most customers would favor–just a tad on the firm side. A layer of Memory foam is topped with a stronger latex foam that hasan energetic springiness;” according to the Casper crew, that is great for times when one is lying in bed, listening to Barry White, and … well … doing things other than sleeping.

The business is expecting the limited number of choices will spur a strategy built on research that indicates customers are put off when faced with too many options, buying. Sherwin, the creative director, notes that mattress shoppers who spend a few hours flopping about on a group of different models are particularly prone to “post-purchase stress” over whether they made the correct pick.

Narrative: Airlines Do Not Really Care

The “Big 3″ of bedding–Serta, Sealy, and Simmons–command nearly half the marketplace, in accordance with Furniture Today. All of them rely greatly on department stores and a few of regional retailers for distribution, a step in the supply chain that adds an additional layer of confusion and cost.

Not only do retailers indicate up mattresses significantly, in addition they give them different names, so it’s nearly impossible to comparison-shop. Everything is on sale all the time, so pricing is opaque too.

Americans purchase 35 million mattresses a year, so Casper doesn’t have to challenge Serta and Sealy to establish a company that is cushy. Warby Parker is a good example. The company seems to be flourishing with its comparatively affordable line of eyewear. Nevertheless, Luxottica Group (LUX:IM), the Italian conglomerate that owns Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters ,and a bevy of other big eyewear brands, has done just fine since Warby got into the game.